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Being a Part of What God is Doing


Shared by Tara Bassett

“Jay and I have been members of Memorial Presbyterian Church for almost two years..

We’ve lived in the Jacksonville/St Augustine area for 25 years and have recently moved to downtown St Augustine.  We moved to the area once our children, Jared and Madeline, were close to graduating from college.  After many prayers, God placed us in St Augustine and in Memorial Presbyterian Church.

Jay and I grew up in small towns and our families were always involved with church, community and neighbors.  We felt a real sense of home.  MPC has provided this for us.  God is good!  This is one of the many answered prayers that we have experienced.  

God knows our hearts and we have received his abundant generosity, which makes giving for us a form of thanking God and expressing our gratitude.  So we’ve asked ourselves, how and what can we do to make an impact at this stage in our lives?

  Our hearts have always led us to reaching out to people, being a part of our community, and being involved with our neighbors. We feel these things mesh so well with Memorial Presbyterian.  We have personally experienced volunteering with VBS, the Deborah Circle, Dine With Nine, Lunch Buddies and so much more.

We started out giving our time and finances to help others, but have been blessed with so much more in return.

We give to Memorial Presbyterian because we are excited with what is going on here.  We are excited about the lives being changed both in our community and beyond. When God does amazing things, it’s so much fun to be a part of it.  By stepping out in faith financially, we get to participate in that. God has already decided what he is going to do and we just get to join him.  We look forward to seeing how God will use us through the stewardship campaign.”

"When God does amazing things, it's so much fun to be a part of it.  By stepping out in faith financially, we get to participate in that."

- Tara and Jay Bassett