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An MPC High Schooler's Work of Art


Between November ’21 and July ’22, MPC Youth Artist Claire Walczak performed her own personal mission contribution to our community.

She designed and painted a mural on the side of the Wildflower Healthcare Clinic in West Augustine.

The Wildflower Clinic is the leading non-profit provider of free medical and dental services to underserved, uninsured adults in St. Johns County.

Claire volunteered a total of 90 hours of her labor, working with the Wildflower Healthcare Board of Directors as she literally transformed the appearance of the building’s exterior.

The mural of wildflowers depicts the resilience of the adult patients in St. Johns County who come to the clinic to obtain free quality, compassionate medical and dental care.

No donor funds were used for the mural.

Claire Walczak is in 11th grade at St. Augustine High School and is an active member at MPC.  She is a gifted artist and is a blessing to others by sharing her talent to make a difference.

She first came to the church as a preschool student at the Presbyterian Day School (PDS).  

"She literally transformed the appearance of the building's exterior."

- Bernice Schrobo