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How the Preschool Led us to MPC and into Deeper Faith

Written by Nancy Thompson


Memorial’s Preschool (PDS) and I go way back.

My daughter, Amelie (now a high school junior!), started as a student at PDS when she was just a two-year-old.

My husband, Brian, and I had little affiliation with Memorial before that time, although we live near the church and were long-time admirers of the architecture.

Brian was actually a little bit hesitant about sending our daughter to a Christian preschool because his beliefs leaned agnostic. He was concerned that the school might be too religious for his comfort level.

But we toured the school, were impressed, and promptly put Amelie’s name on the waiting list.

That was the first step.

In the years that followed, our daughter became active in the MPC Children’s Choir (which we learned about and she first joined during her time at PDS). As a result, we began spending more and more Sundays at MPC.

Eventually, Brian and Amelie were baptized at Memorial and we became members of the congregation.  I served as a leader in Vacation Bible School.

When Amelie graduated from PDS and went to kindergarten, I decided I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the preschool. Thus, I began teaching full-time at PDS, which was a new career choice for me.  I’ve now been a teacher here for 12 years.

Over the years, I’ve watched as countless PDS children enter the sanctuary, wide-eyed, on their way to sit in the front pews for Chapel Time. I’ve also enjoyed seeing PDS alumni at Vacation Bible School each summer.

I feel blessed to be a part of these young children’s lives and I feel grateful for my place in our church community….one that began with a tour of the church preschool more than 15 years ago.


Beginning as a preschool in 1955, PDS is one of the longest standing missions of Memorial Presbyterian Church.  

Serving as an “on ramp” for preschool families into the life of the church, PDS is a vital part of our ministry with young families. 

The school enriches the lives of students for years to come. 

Thank you for giving generously to the PDS Promise Fund so that children have the opportunity to attend PDS despite financial obstacles for their families.

It’s a blessing, as a church family, to support our preschool.

"I feel blessed to be a part of these young children's lives and grateful for my place in our church community..."

- Nancy Thompson, PDS Teacher and MPC Member