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MPC Gingerbread House Tradition


For over 25 years, Ms. Judy Robb has been baking and blessing houses that bring joy to many during the Advent season.

On December 14th, Memorial was packed to the gills with people of all ages decorating freshly baked gingerbread houses.

Older adults could be seen implementing meticulous decorating plans while younger children could be seen decorating in, well, a not so meticulous fashion ;).  College students, back home for Christmas break, joined their families for an event that many of them attended throughout childhood.  

Judy also baked 12 houses to go to SAYS, St. Augustine Youth Services, so that the young people there would have houses to decorate.

We’re grateful to Judy Robb for giving her time, energy, and love to make this tradition possible.  She stewards her gifts in a way that provides wonderful fellowship and strengthens our community.  

Dorothy Dornblaser helps to coordinate each year and we appreciate her efforts to make it happen.

Our bellies are full of candy, icing, marshmallows, and gingerbread.  

More importantly, our hearts are full of joy and the beauty of community.


Being a Blessing

Ms. Judy Robb grew up in a. bakery, waking up by 5:00 am each day to help her family with their work.  

Many years later, she uses her gifts to provide a well-loved tradition for her church family. 

Prior to the decorating beginning each year, Judy lets everyone know that, as she bakes, she prays for the people who will attend the event.  She prays for them to feel the love of God and be blessed in this Advent season..  

Thank you, Ms. Judy, for another year in which our church family (and lots of visitors!) had an absolute ball together.  

"As I make these houses, I pray that all who decorate them will feel God's love and be blessed.”

Ms. Judy Robb